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No Comunicado: Links 2 Reality / February 2006 – The "Political" Edition

1. EPIC 2015: The Future of the Internet?

Eight minutes on flash video about the clash between the 'fourth state' (the traditional media) and the Internet (Google et al.). The urban legend says that even conservative media mogul and multiple satellite owner Rupert Murdoch watched this piece. No wonder his conglomerate, News Corp., went shopping, acquiring Internet properties here and there in 2005. Produced by US newspaper journalists, Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, EPIC 2015 is an intelligent and melancholic view of the near digital future.


2. The Government in the Future. A 56 minutes lecture by Noam Chomsky in MP3 format.

Published in Spanish in 2005 by publisher house Anagrama, this lecture was delivered by Chomsky at the New York Poetry Center in February 16, 1970. A concise and deep analysis of four political dispositions. The utopian but progressive ones, classical liberalism and libertarian socialism, and the regressive and dominant ones today, state socialist and state capitalist. Still relevant 37 years later, the lecture is a sound proposal on how to advance into a different direction from the current 'contemporary barbarism' that we all get to see live, every evening, on satellite TV.

Read the text in English at http://zpedia.org

Download or Stream the lecture in MP3 at http://nineoneone.nl

3. The Transnational Institute: a Think-Tank driven by social concerns.

Based in Amsterdam and composed by an international group of researchers, the TNI works on projects to understand global problems ranging from militarism, conflict, poverty and marginalisation, to social injustice, environmental degradation, and drugs consumption and trafficking distortions. The TNI offers a wide array of publications online to inform the public with depth and through intelligent views about the strategic problems of the Earth today.

Check it out @: http://www.tni.org


Action of the month:

The NYU (New York University) ban on Coca Cola sales in campus. Following two years of work by members of the NYU Student Council, Coca Cola was banned in the NYU campus (and also in more than 10 other university campuses in the US and Europe) for its lack of commitment to allow an independent investigation to review workers' conditions in Coca Cola bottling plants in Colombia. Unsolved accusations against Coca-Cola and its "blind eyes" on the murders of several company related union leaders in Colombia during the 1990's are also part of the debate. Similar Coca-Cola issues are popping up in India.

Read more. Click @ businessweek.com


NO-C Movie:

The Constant Gardener: "Big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms dealers" The new film by brilliant Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) focuses on a private pharmaceutical conspiracy against the population of Kenya in Africa. Although the film is based on a John le Carré novel, you can bet that a lot of this shit really goes on. Beautifully shot in Kenya and darkly shot in London, the film accomplishes mainstream status while delivering a committed political view. Cast, images, production and Africa… what a ride! Have you ever seen how the United Nations food packages are delivered?

Check it out @ The Constant Gardener



Fredrick Jameson, uno de los teóricos tras el diseño de los conceptos básicos de "la postmodernidad" durante los años 80, bastante influido por la arquitectura, decía algo así como que la primera condición para crear un movimiento político postmoderno, con potencial de generar reales cambios sociales, era el desarrollo de MAPAS COGNITIVOS que le permitieran entender a la gente lo que estaba sucediendo. Usó el concepto de "mapas" de forma literal y de forma abstracta. El siguiente mapa, efectivamente, permite observar una situación que es trágica pero que es necesario comprender y comparar para poder emprender cualquier acción positiva.

Click aquí para ver el otro mundo...

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