Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey! DICK-HEAD!!! (On Cheney* shooting his friend).


Click on the pic to remember Columbine.

Did you forget that you only shoot your friends when they become your enemies? When they stop being "your kind of sons of bitches"? Like famous genocidal dictator and former US government friend Saddam Hussein or famous drug-trafficker, dictator from Panama, and former CIA "employee" Manuel Antonio Noriega**... Be more careful next time Dick-head!


* Click on the meaning of Dick-Head: The word dickhead is used to point at someone for being either incompetent, foolish or contemptible, or often a combination of all three by insinuating that the person has a penis for a head or brain ("dick" being slang for the organ).

** He was on the CIA payroll, right?

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