Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's called TORTURE...


... not "Mistreatment," Mr. Bush Jr!

"In Abu Ghraib the relationship of occupier and occupied was not cushioned in platitudes of democracy and freedom, rather these roles have been performed to their extremity to reveal their basic asymmetry and violence...

Abu Ghraib is a photograph that Americans have taken of themselves – a self–portrait that refracts a collective identity whose spokespersons have conflated pre–emptive war and invasion with liberation."

"Abu Ghraib: ceremonies of nostalgia" by Allen Feldman - an essay published in


Some flashbacks of Bush's Boys at work:

Bite Spike! Bite!

What's that between your legs? Dog Chow from the US?

Are Bush's Boys into S&M?

Don't be aggressive... Doggie, Doggie!!!

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Anonymous said...

hola le llega este mail..escribame a

cariƱos desde chile

are said...

ole no crees que publicando esas fotos aqui le haces mas propaganda a lo que estas criticando?